Introduction of SEAL GOSTAR Company

For the purpose of responding the need of international relations,
e - commerce and being associated with foreign firms, Seal Gostar Salaran was founded in the 2016 in Tehran. We have 27 years of experience in the production and distribution of pumps components including different types of O- rings and Packing with different materials, Mechanical seals, Tc, Sic rings, Graphite and etc. Due to our valuable experience and knowledge which is based on standard quality, we are serving the needs of Oil and Petrochemical industries, Food & Dairy industry, Medical devises, Laboratory equipment and Chemicals, Water and Wastewater industry, Shipbuilding industry, Automotive industry and other related industries.
We are in search of new productions process and materials with considering the latest technologies and enjoying publications.
We are trying to reduce the industry problems by importing new materials. In this way the technical knowledge will be transferred to our country and also many job opportunities will be create.

Hoping that day.

دی ان ان