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History of comapny

Seal Gostar Salaran Co., business Partner with Taiwan`s Gmors Co., is an importer and seller of O-rings, X-rings and sealing washers. Mr. Karam Akbari, the current CEO of the company, has been working as an apprentice in the field of O-Ring, Packing and Iranian rubber parts in the Tehran market since 1968 for 9 years with the lowest income. And they moved forward step by step, until in December 1977, by starting  their own business and personal business and in partnership with the former employer, they opened the Salar store in Ghaem Passage. Due to the request and demand of some customers to offer higher quality foreign products, in special circumstances, especially in specialized O-Rings such as Viton, since 1993, the company GMORS Taiwan was contacted. And after some time of negotiation, exchange of views and cooperation, since 1996, the exclusive representation of GMORS products in Iran has been granted to this group.


Seal gostar Salaran Company was opened in 1995 (owned by Mr. Karam and Mr. Salar Akbari); A seven-member delegation came to Iran in July 1997, and 50% of the shares of Seal Gostar Salaran Company were transferred to the GMORS family. This group seeks to establish representation at the provincial level and create the necessary infrastructure to do this important work and currently has a main branch in Tehran and Mashhad and 7 active representations throughout the country.

The special focus of this collection is on GMORS products in Taiwan; There will be O-Ring, X-Ring, V-Ring and all kinds of packages. To deliver products with the best quality and lowest cost in the Iranian market to consumers.


Customer orientation and legality are the basis of all the activities of Seal Gostar Salar Company.


GMORS company with 17 branches in different countries of the world and high export volume, high quality and competitiveness in the global markets is operating extensively. This group intends to help increase the quality of the country's products by finding its share in the Iranian market and introducing and offering quality products and reasonable prices to customers and creating competition with domestic products.


Our vision

Seal Gostar Salaran Co. has been active in the Sales and trading of robber products for more than 30 years. This company has expanded its business throughout the years and is now able to provide the customers with all the standards, sizes and compounds and the highest qualities.

Seal Gostar Salaran team hopes to help the industries through precision, equality and strong international relations, we  continue to provide the best qualities as well as best prices.


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