O-RING Master

GMORS O-Ring Master is the completed tool for standard rubber seal sizes.

When you use this APP, you don't need to have internet .

In addition to O-Ring sizes, it also includes the search functions of X-Ring and Back-Up Ring.

You can also use O-Ring Housing to choose suitable O-Ring in your application

Main functions are as follows

Dimension Search:O-Ring, X-Ring and Back-Up Ring.

  • * MM and Inch are both available.- MM and Inch are both available.
  • * Full standard O-Ring series: AS568, METRIC, JIS B2401 P/G/S/V, JASO F404, GB/T 3452.1, BS 4518 and SMS 1586.
  • * Collocated Back-Up for AS-568 O-Ring.
  • * Substitutable O-Ring sizes within tolerance are available.

O-Ring Housing: Piston Sealing、Rod Sealing and Face Sealing.

  • * MM and Inch are both available.
  • * Support calculation for both Static and Dynamic sealing applications (Face sealing is with static calculation only).
  • * Up to 7 O-Ring standards ( AS568, METRIC, JIS B2401 P/G/S/V, JASO F404, GB/T 3452.1, BS 4518 and SMS 1586) for most of size requirement of different groove design.

Material Master

GMORS Material Master give you the materials recommendation for your O-Ring application, based on the working temperature and medium of working environment.

We provide thousand kinds of environment condition for compatibility evaluation.

In addition, GMORS provide certified rubber compounds for various international standards, such as NSF61 ,WRAS ,ACS, KTW ,W-270 ,DIN EN 549,UL 157,API 6A,NORSOK M-710,TOTAL EP PVV 142 and NACE TM0297. Please email us for further information.