Types of packing / PACKING

Packings are mobile seals used to seal pistons and pump shafts. They are installed in such a way that the pressure of the fluid sticks the edge of the seal to the wall and makes the sealing better and more complete. To seal the pump parts, it is necessary to use at least one package of this type of seal and put several seals together in a groove.


Packing is also used in hydraulic and pneumatic jacks. Generally, it is necessary that hydraulic packing and pneumatic packing have high resistance to heat and pressure as well as abrasion. In ordinary jacks, rubber packing or NB is used.


Types of packings:

Pneumatic peels



two way





Pneumatic packing is for air pressure. Hydraulic packing in various dimensions is used in the jack to prevent oil pressure.

A packing is necessary for the hydraulic pump because air may leak or enter parts of the pump. By choosing a suitable packing, the fluid inside the pump can be protected and air cannot enter the pump.