About of Seal Gostar Salaran Co

Due to the wide and vast needs of all industries for sealing and seal’s fittings in the factories technical and manufacturing sectors, Our management team with 30 years of experience are so proud to be a great companion in providing them variety of services such as production, supplying, distributing, advising and selling various quality of : O- rings -Oil seals - Rubber seals - Hydraulic & Pneumatic Seals

Collection activities of Seal Gostar Salaran Co .

Due to the wide-ranging need of all industries for sealing and sealing fittings in the technical and manufacturing sectors, the company's activities include a wide range of industries, including:

Oil and gas and petrochemical industries, automotive industry, medical and health industries, medical and pharmaceutical industries, food industry, road construction and drilling industries, drip irrigation fields, and so on.

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Seal Gostar Salaran Co. LTD. carries out its activity in Tehran to cover demands for sealing materials constituting the most important and continuous necessities of organizations that provide production and services , Seal Gostar Salaran Co. is exclusive partner of GMORS Co. from Taiwan in the whole territory of Iran and nearby countries. Also we are sales distributer of Hydraulic and Pneumatic parts of Suptex Co. and Bissan Co. from Turkey. Our company is completely ready to advice every technical information about manufacturing

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