Seal Gostar Salaran

Seal gostar salaran co is a provider and distributer of different type of sealings such as O-ring X-ring , Packing and Washers .

Mr. Akbari the CEO of started working as a student with minimum income in a small seal shop located at Nafisi avenue in Tehran at 1989 .after years of experience he started his own business with the partnership of former employer in December of 98 . in the year 2000 after buying the whole share

Mr. Akbari started producing sealings in mass numbers .


In search for a higher achievement and better and more reliable source especially for FKM based seals

In the year 2014 he began working with the foreign company and after negotiations they started their business partnership

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25 Oct 2022

جعبه اورینگ

SILICON / VITON / NBR جعبه اورینگ‌های میلیمتر و اینچ که با نام‌های METRIC, AS568 نیز شناخته می‌شوند. که از پر فروش‌ترین جعبه اورینگ‌های حال حاضر دنیا می‌باشند. مزیت استفاده از این جعبه‌ها کاهش زمان تعویض اورینگ در کارخانجات یا برای استفاده‌ی شخصی در اتومبیل یا ماشین‌آلات می‌باشد. همچنین با خرید یک جعبه، شما دسترسی

24 Oct 2022

Chloroprene Rubber ( CR )

CR Chloroprene Rubber ( CR ) Chloroprene was one of the first successful synthetic elastomers in1931 made by Dupont, and the trade name is Neoprene . It is prepared by emulsion polymerization of chloroprene, or 2 – chlorobutadiene. CR is a multi – purposed elastomer which yields a balanced combination of properties. It has good

O-Ring Master Application